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User Experience Matters

If ever you’ve walked into a shop and haven’t been able to find something you know for sure should be in there, that’s a bad user experience. Taken a wrong route on public transport because of poor signage? That’s a bad user experience. Avoided going into a bar because it just looked super sketchy? Again, bad user experience. What’s true in the physical world is doubly true in the digital world. Making sure your user always has an excellent experience online is of the utmost importance, because your potential customers are only ever a click or a swipe away from leaving and never coming back.

A website’s success hinges on how users perceive it, well considered user experience aims to make the needs of the user as easy to reach as possible, with as little thought as necessary. Their interaction with your site or app should be seamless, avoiding confusion within navigation and reaching their desired outcome in the least amount of steps possible. Ultimately the goal of user experience design is to keep users returning to your site in the future, increasing traffic and streamlining the entire system.

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