We design, build and partner on technology projects to develop unique, proprietary products and solutions for our clients

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Technology is a key priority for our clients who are looking to create a seamless and personalised mobile customer experience. To enable our clients to deliver this experience, we have developed three proprietary technology platforms:


  • GXone for advertisers: Offers advertisers direct one to one connections to leading Australian publishers with leading creative formats.
  • GXone for publishers: Offering publishers direct one to one connections to advertisers, agencies and trading desks through 200 DSPs.
  • Thundercloud: Helping advertisers and agencies achieve accuracy in planning, buying and financial management of client campaigns.
  • Tapit: Leveraging a range of contactless technologies including Near Field Communications (NFC) and Beacons (BLE), our technology gives our clients the opportunity to connect physical locations with digital experiences for their customers.

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