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Australia’s first bank, Westpac, were responsible for launching their first NFC mobile wallet. Westpac wanted to promote their new NFC mobile wallet to everyday Australians as an innovative Westpac banking experience that was secure, fast and convenient using the latest contactless technology.

Our Approach

As the new Westpac mobile wallet uses NFC technology to process payments, Westpac wanted to replicate a similar experience for consumer engagement with the launch campaign.This provided an opportunity for people to experience the simplicity of NFC firsthand and educate them on how using NFC for engagement and payment were far easier than existing methods offered previously.

Westpac enabled their entire paid outdoor media assets with Tapit including tabletops within Westfield centres as well as transit environments via the APNO network. To help promote consumer engagement, Westpac created competitions that allowed entrants the ability to tap or scan to win new Samsung phones or Westfield gift vouchers..

Using the Tapit platform allowed Westpac the ability to scale the project across multiple outdoor media owners and provide a consistent go to market experience that made it simple for consumers to participate with the campaign. This is a great example of how brands can streamline the competition entry process by allowing consumers the ability to simply tap or scan to enter a competition bypassing the need to type URLs or search.

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