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Telstra Millennials Myth and Reality


Telstra Millennials
Myth and Reality

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Commissioned by Telstra’s Retail Innovation Board this was an innovative design research project to better understand the younger Millennial (18-25 year olds): how they live their lives, what their needs are, how they think about the world, and what matters to them.

“They were reliable from the get-go. Responsive with resourcing options, easy to work with from a contracting point of view, offering high calibre specialists who were content to work with us on site. At every opportunity the team sought to enhance our approach, processes and output with elegant design research and visual design solutions. Importantly, they partnered with our team members to ensure a cohesive, focused, successful set of re-usable deliverables``.

— Sharon Dowsett, Design Research Lead

Our Approach

Uncovering a new way of thinking about the target audience required a shift from age based segmentation to one grounded in behavioral motivations. Accordingly, the team adapted their methods for exploring the needs and habits of the target generation. Acknowledging that Millennial's are far from an homogeneous cohort, they relied on a set of Millennial's to become active investigators of their own lives.

Using an exploratory method known as mobile ethnography, the team followed the lives of 20 young adults from around Australia as they moved through the everyday acts of connecting with others, organising and entertaining themselves. Individuals were tasked with creating ‘life blogs’ - noting what they were doing and why they were doing it - using the popular blogging tool Tumblr.
This innovative approach provided the team with a compelling, privileged, unique window into how Millennials create meaning in their everyday lives.

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