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Website Redesign

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Geronimo partnered with the Law Society of NSW to help revitalise their website with the intention to make it accessible across the varied generations of lawyers in New South Wales. Our intention was to create a streamlined, professional website that would appeal to the broad range of lawyers to help facilitate clarification around what The Law Society offers as a value proposition. The Law Society recognised the need to participate in the digital era to show that their organisation still holds value and is actively taking steps to adapt.

Our Approach

Our approach was to design an updated, modernised website for the Law Society that would resonate with a broad range of users from students right through to lawyers and government officials. Next was to ensure that all designs were fully optimised to play within a responsive environment. And to ultimately create a visually pleasing design that easily displayed to the users the hierarchy of content within the site and allow them to find the resources they need.

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