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To help promote the launch of Google Music, Google wanted to provide a way for consumers to effortlessly experience Google Music on their smartphones from a variety of paid outdoor media assets.

Our Approach

Google intelligently deployed Tapit in a number of high dwell environments that provide consumers with the opportunity to experience Google Music by either tapping or scanning their smartphone on the outdoor asset.

These high dwell outdoor environments included transit bus seats & transit train seats. By focusing on these environments, consumers could enhance their commuting journey by easily accessing Google Music and letting them experience the service on their smartphone.

Google also had access to the Tapit platform which helped them understand how consumers were interacting with their paid media assets including asset type, location, time of day, interaction method, handset type, operating system and more.

This is another strong example of how companies who are looking to promote digital content & services to consumers can leverage the power of Tapit, allowing their physical asset portfolios such as paid outdoor media assets to be transformed into dynamic content delivery points.

Companies can then leverage the Tapit platform to collect and analyse big data based on consumer interactions to better understand the relationship between physical and digital based engagement.

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