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Google wanted to promote their movie services within Google Play to people in key US markets. Offering the latest movies and user functionality, the Google Movies service can be consumed across any device including TV, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet.

Our Approach

For the first time, Google used contactless technology to help educate people about the amazing features of the Google Movies service. Google embedded Tapit technology on their outdoor media portfolio across New York, San Francisco, Chicago & LA. Tapit locations included bus shelters, phone kiosks and trains which allowed people to interact with the Google Movies campaign by tapping their smartphone. This instantly delivered rich Google Movies content.

By utilising Tapit across their entire outdoor campaign, Google could easily deliver a rich and fun experience to consumers directly from any of their outdoor assets with a simple tap of their phone.

This type of deployment highlights how leading brands such as Google are taking advantage of Tapit contactless technology that facilitates consumer engagement in a way that is simple, fast and convenient generating a new layer of analytics & understanding of how people are interacting with brands in the physical world.

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