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We were presented with the challenge of integrating the Design of two existing Mobile Apps into one seamless application. To do this we needed to streamline both apps to create one uniformed experience whilst ensuring that we maintained the unique selling points and services provided by both apps.

Our Approach

With the development and design of 15 interactive screens, we were able to incorporate Glamazon's vision of providing freelance stylists to customers in the convenience of their home and their goals of developing a system that allows the end user to conveniently book anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

The seamless design of the Glamazon app engages and most importantly guides users from booking various beauty services to transporting them to the doorstep of salons. The design not only facilitates the process of customers connecting with their desired beauty service but also stylists and salons in joining the Glamazon team. Getting the design right was crucial, as we felt needed that it needed to be transformed to mimic a personal assistant. By providing the best possible app to the users, we incorporated features and designs that resonate to the intended market of Glamazon.

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