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Research clearly showed that Vortex Premium fuels had slipped down the consideration list for consumers. Primarily as a result of being outshouted by competitors and outpriced by the big retail players. An increase in top of mind awareness of Vortex Premium fuels and a lift in consideration from car enthusiasts was outlined as the key objective.

Our Approach

We targeted car enthusiasts with high impact mobile ads across a range of relevant sites and apps. Reaching them at the right time in the right context was crucial to stimulate consideration for Vortex Premium fuel. We further extended this approach through historical location targeting across an audience that had recently attended V8 Racing events. We first qualified the audience, then quantified the engagements through an almost addictive HTML mobile game. Each individual game element helped to convey the clear benefits of Vortex Premium fuels.

Outcomes: 3,500+ individual game plays, 55+ seconds average gameplay time and 250+ Facebook shares all contributing to the level of brand consideration for Vortex Premium fuels.

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