A beautiful e-commerce experience for Osier Belle customers

Osier Belle

The Osier Belle range is known for being as luxurious as it is enduring. Their pieces are created using the highest quality materials and construction, which makes it so unique that it is the only outdoor furniture designed specifically for the harsh Australian climate. The founder Penny Camplisson needed a website that showcased her creations.

The Idea

Osier Belle partnered with Geronimo to get an online refresh, through developing a new sales and marketing strategy and setting up the necessary site and media analytics. Additionally, Geronimo designed a new website, landing pages and media creatives that correlate to the sophisticated and stylish designs Osier Belle has to offer.

The Insight

Osier Belle needed a website that showcased the style, sophistication and quality of their handcrafted products. Geronimo created a responsive website design and development plan with a focus on showcasing the design and quality of Osier Belle products.

Experience Design
"Thank you team Geronimo - you have been awesome! Your dedication, late nights and fast turnaround made us realise how much you care about our business. I would recommend you to anyone thinking about e-commerce."
Penny Camplisson
CEO & Founder