A more beautiful experience for Jurlique customers


With Jurlique being the destination for high quality, natural-based skin care, its mobile customer experience was in need of a makeover. The Geronimo team went above and beyond the original brief to deliver a holistic creative solution befitting this iconic beauty brand.

The Insight

Despite customer loyalty being high, Jurlique’s digital channels didn’t maximise connection and retail opportunities with its audience. The existing digital experience didn’t put mobile users first or bring to life the product attributes and brand values of being pure, effective, empowered and considered. With mobile being the main way consumers interacted with the products on offer, a new mobile-first e-commerce site was needed to tell this brand story and help users understand the efficacy, natural ingredients and beauty benefits of Jurlique products.

The Idea

In the process of creating Jurlique’s mobile-led website, we realised that an enhanced customer experience needed to be extended across all touch points to create a seamless end-to-end journey. This included amplifying customer engagement with their eDM, always on and promotional campaigns. Our creative solution encompassed a complete website revamp along with a reworked email framework that represents best practice in the beauty industry and overcame various local market challenges.

Experience Design
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Matt Hunt
CEO, Geronimo