An app that puts people’s health in their hands


To help JSHealth’s clients get healthy and stay that way, we created an app to motivate and empower them to reach their goals. It did this by connecting them with inspiring content and a supportive community that is always there for them.

The Insight

Staying healthy can be an ongoing challenge – it takes effort to eat well, exercise and not fall into bad habits. It’s like you need a constant reminder to make the right decisions, day by day. For this reason, expert nutritionist Jessica Sepel, founder of JSHealth, wanted to create an app that gave people all the tools they need to live their healthiest, happiest life. Her aim was to make it easier for people to achieve a healthy lifestyle and be motivated to energise their life for the long term.

The Idea

By working with Jessica, we launched a world-first online nutrition clinic that delivered personalised information and insights from qualified nutritionists. The concept was to provide people with a nutritionist in their pocket. The JSHealth app enabled users to connect with other community members to share and understand their collective health experiences. An engaging, intuitive digital interface was created, along with content that could be tailored to users’ needs. This included simple, nutritious recipes, access to top nutritionists, body love guides, movement videos led by leading trainers, guided meditations and personalised meal plans.

Experience design
Matt Hunt
CEO, Geronimo