Jimmy Brings the drinks, Geronimo delivers the insights

Jimmy Brings

Jimmy Brings was already successfully bringing home-delivered wine, beer and spirits to thirsty customers right across Sydney. To expand into a national brand, the business teamed up with our Think experts to determine the best opportunities and strategy.

The Insight

With an existing delivery footprint across Sydney’s CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Lower North Shore, Jimmy Brings wanted to grow the business into new regions. To work out which areas had the most potential, we needed to come up with a robust national expansion model using insights into product demand and fulfilment capacity. By looking into existing data and key learnings gathered since 2012, it became apparent that the business already had many helpful insights into their customers, delivery methods and operations, which proved to be invaluable in coming up with a robust business strategy.

The Idea

Predicting the most profitable areas for growth was done in several stages. To create the base data for the project, we washed existing customer information against known demographic variables from Census data including family profiles, ages and income levels.

This enabled us to classify customers into Wine Lover, Social Drinkers and Adult Families with distinct purchasing habits. We then compared these profiles with every suburb in Australia to find the most promising postcodes and identify the best areas for expansion. Combining this with population density data allowed us to determine those areas that could be reached by the Jimmy Brings’ delivery fleet most efficiently.

Our enhanced customer insights also allowed us to develop a marketing strategy to connect better with our new audiences through targeted messaging.

The Impact

+ Maximised

insights into customer behaviour

+ Launched

in new suburbs

Brand Development

Experience Design
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Matt Hunt
CEO, Geronimo