Using MCX to move money and people

Beem It

The Beem It app makes it easier for people to pay, request and split money instantly. By teaming up with Geronimo, the launch of the brand took the market by storm and resulted in over 600,000 new customers in two years.

The Insight

After identifying 18-34 year old Australians as our targeted early adopters of the Beem It offering, our challenge was to connect with them in a way that drove uptake of the new app. Our unique selling proposition was that Beem It made money moments better – whether it be splitting bills, gifting money or chasing an outstanding IOU. The launch strategy was to implement an appropriate analytics and attribution solution to appropriately optimise performance, drive 1,000,000 app installs in the first year and maximise organic installs through the App Store.

The Idea

In order to create excitement in the market and drive uptake of the Beem It app, we looked at the launch holistically to provide an engaging and intuitive customer journey. Our Geronimo teams collaborated to provide a data-driven solution that included adjusting Beem. It’s analytics and attribution implementation and optimisation cut-through, customer-focused creative was developed that brought the brand personality to life and was communicated through a multi-channel performance approach. As a result, downloads were increased thanks to an insightful app store optimisation audit and strategy.

The Impact

Through the Beem It and Geronimo partnership, Beem It saw outstanding results due to the strategic launch strategy implemented by the team. As a result of the launch Beem It received over 1 million installs in 1.5 years and over 135,000 monthly active users.

+ 1 Million

Installs in 1.5 years

+ 135,000

Monthly active users

+ 600,000

Accounts created

+ Top 10

In finance in both app stores

Digital media
(search, social, display, video)
“We’re a new business, with a new product and a completely new brand – with very ambitious growth targets! We’re confident (and relieved) to be working with a partner that has guided us so well, and continues to adapt to our business. It’s going to be a hell of a journey, thank you for getting onboard with us.”
Sharon Sterne
Marketing Director