An inspired customer experience drives a significant sales increase

Leah Itsines

To motivate people to be the healthiest version of themselves, we worked with chef and healthy eating guru Leah Itsines to launch her BARE (Balanced and Realistic Eating) Guide, and BARE vegetarian and bundle packs.

The Insight

As a creative cook and author with a passion for making real food healthy and delicious, Leah Itsines wanted to help other women quit fad dieting for good. To do this, her BARE Guide is designed to educate and motivate people to create nutritious meals that will help them lead a healthier and more balanced life. Leah wanted to launch the BARE Guide in a way that connected with as many women as possible and drove sales to help grow the business. By collaborating with the Geronimo team, she wanted to make the entire experience of the BARE Guide as inspiring as it could be.

The Idea

The strategy was to launch the BARE Guide as a supportive community that helps women become more confident in the kitchen to enable them to achieve their health goals. It features everything from recipes and weekly meal planners to educational resources and support. A stunning design was created that was as engaging it was enticing. This was complemented by a seamless user experience including e-commerce mechanics that ensured maximum connection with customers and increased uptake of the BARE Guide and later, the BARE vegetarian and bundle packs.

The Impact

Through the partnership between BARE guide and Geronimo, an app was created that inspires, educates and motivates people to create nutritious meals that will help lead them to a healthier life. As a result of this partnership, the BARE guide had over 1 million installs in 1.5 years, over 600,000 accounts were created and saw over 135,000 monthly active users.

+ 1 Million

Installs in 1.5 years

+ 135,000

Monthly active users

+ 600,000

Accounts created

+ Top 10

In finance in both app stores

Experience design
Matt Hunt
CEO, Geronimo