The Power of the Medium: Digital Vs Traditional Marketing

By Joe Purves,21 Mar 2018

In this age of shortened attention spans and the increasing need of convenience, marketers are now faced with a mounting challenge of being able to promote and sell in much more stifling conditions.

While I’m not able to solve the mystery that is the human pysche, I have listed down the differences between digital and traditional marketing in hopes that I would have shed some light on this elusive and ever-evolving industry.

Traditional Marketing- Why it’s still not obsolete 

• It’s the generally accepted method of marketing. From broadcast to print, marketing mediums are inherently accepted to be the norm for client engagement. It is a prerequisite and not a game-changer.

• Long-term results are expected. When a simple poster or billboard takes much longer to produce than a digital banner, marketers would be hard pressed to produce the most value for the advertiser.

Digital Marketing- What sets it apart 

•It’s always active – It is the McDonalds of our modern world – ever present, ever available. The 24 hour operating system has quickly become one of the most competitive spaces in the business world. By establishing a digital presence, it assures that even while you sleep, it’s being viewed by thousands of people on an international scale. The digital space is vast, relevant, and unbarred.

•It’s cost effective. By customising your material to cater to a number of different people it can be beneficial for your business in the long run. Digital maintenance has low upkeep and the constant exposure is received is priceless.

•It gives the user a unique experience. The experiential spend has increased over the recent years due to heavy competition and the need to simplify the user’s tasks. By stepping outside the comfort zone and enhancing the experience, a rapport with the user is established.

Over time the digital environment has manifested into a grand and elaborate source of marketing solutions. It is understood that the comfortable approach found in traditional marketing, paired with a top notch strategy can be a game-changer in the way businesses portray themselves in the competitive world of innovation.

By Joe Purves,

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